Granoro Trivella Cavatappi Pasta

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Granoro Trivella  Cavatappi Pasta

Ingredients:durum wheat semolina, water. Store in a cool, dry place. Produced in a factory that uses eggs.

Granoro produces high-quality pasta, selecting and using only the best raw materials on the market in its production process. It uses high-quality durum wheat semolina purchased from mills located exclusively in Puglia, selected in accordance with strict quality standards and carefully analysed during the acceptance stage by its own in-house analysis laboratory.

Once the dough has been formed, the next process is extrusion. Dies are the accessories used to shape the water and semolina dough and are used to create the many pasta shapes available on the market. They are also highly technological, as in addition to shaping the pasta they also affect the characteristics of the pasta obtained, the thickness of each shape and the development and consistency of the gluten, the most important protein contained in durum wheat semolina. Its presence is fundamental for ensuring that, once cooked, the pasta has that elasticity and toughness, a sensation commonly defined as al dente (Italian term meaning firm to the bite).

500 gr.