Calogiuri - Raspberry Vincotto Vinegar

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Calogiuri - Raspberry Vincotto Vinegar

Vincotto Raspberry is a sweet and sour dressing. It can be used as a condiment to flavor appetizers, carpaccio, fish, salads with carrots, fennel, celery, lettuce, cooked potatoes (preferably cold). Also great on sorbets, sabayon, panna cotta, ice cream and desserts. Roasted or boiled meats take on a richer flavor with a little 'Vincotto raspberry.

Vincotto with raspberries is obtained from cooked grape must with the addition of vinegar and raspberries, all matures and ages by an aging in oak barrels, without any addition of aromatic substances. Vincotto is a registered trademark by Calogiuri Family. The original recipe dates back to 1825 and is jealously guarded in the Company.

PRODUCTION AREA: Province of Lecce and in particular in the Lizzanello municipalities, Galatina and Squinzano.

INGREDIENTS: Cooked Must, Wine vinegar and raspberries.

GRAPES USED: Negroamaro grapes (native of the Province of Lecce) and Malvasia Nera.

FRUIT: Raspberries products company.

COLOR: shiny dark red.

FEATURES: No alcohol but presents a balanced acidity (3.5%), is rich in polyphenols (the index returned was: 227).

ODOR: has a distinctive aroma and fruit complex, penetrating, obvious but pleasant and harmonious acidity.

TASTE: Original, well-balanced, well-balanced sweet and sour, savory with velvety shades according to the fruit flavor.

PAIRINGS: It goes well with meat or fish, on boiled meat, of carpaccio on vegetable salads or fruit, of all the raw or cooked vegetables, of sweet, of pannacotta, great ice cream.