Aromi is a concept that has been a part of our family for generations. Italian cooking isn't just our hobby, it's our passion!

Our family comes from a little town in southern Italy called Santa Caterina Dello Jonio. Here we experienced the people, the food and the culture. We made it our goal to share our little slice of heaven with the world. We fell in love with the flavors and wanted to create a way to capture the essence of Italian wine and food.

We have embraced cuisines of each region in Italy and made it possible for the consumer to have a taste of each. If you love wine, new foods and appreciate trying new things, we’re here to welcome you to the new experiences of Aromi. Our website allows you to have a taste of every region in the Country our family grew up in.

We have always struggled to find the most authentic Italian ingredients for our meals so we’ve paired up with a select few importers making sure that we have the best variety of products for the best price. Our goal with Aromi is to create an extension of our family table to yours.

Generation upon generation, tradition is important in the Italian family and we aspire for you to experience the Italian cuisine our family has embraced for centuries.

From our family to yours, Benvenuti to Aromi!

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